Malcolm Kane

Owner and chief trouble maker

First gas engine at age 10, model airplane
First motorized go kart at age 13, home made.
Modified slot cars, removed bodies an
d shaved them down to get extra speed and hand wound motors, shaved the magnet mounts to move them closer to the armature to produce more power, utilized car batteries instead of AC transformers to get more power, built adjustable power brakes ON A SLOT CAR! Then he persuaded his friends to participate in a series of twenty four hour races. All this at the age of 13
Finally got old enough for real cars and apprenticed at a British car shop at 15 years old. Cut his teeth on Rovers, Jaguars, Land Rovers and Minis (Still has a soft spot for the old Rovers and will be putting the 1969 V8 Rover sedan back on the road for his wife who also has a soft spot for them. Some people might think we’re soft in the head, but those cars were way ahead of their time.)
Triumph frame off engine swap. Added a Rover V8 (Aluminums, Buick, GM four speed and electricals, TR6 diff) , 1973 GT6 age 17
Heimrath Porsche Racing Team age 27
Maserati Factory training, age 28
Opened own shop, age 29
1974 Buick Electra resto-mod for the family, 1999.
Moving to Caledon to live and work at the same place, 2003...

and then I got sick ,real sick ,2 chronic illness sick, so sick that the doctors didn't even know how sick.

Eventually my wife figured it out and we sold and downsized to a small location in Bolton that I can manage even during the periods when I am sick  and learning the new normal.


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