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To us restoration means more than a new coat of paint. Restoration means a ground up refurbishing of all the carís systems, mechanical, electrical, structural, as well as cosmetic. Now donít imagine that we will replace what doesnít need it but weíll certainly check it over and make sure those components are solid and able to function properly. That is why we supervise every aspect of the job so you get the whole package.
We donít paint ourselves so we send the jobs to people who do paint like we do mechanical.
We donít do interiors but we do know the best in the business.

A lot of people seem to think that a car is restored if it has some flashy paint and new carpets. We beg to differ. The car is not restored until you can drive it whenever you want to with fair reliability. Normal breakdowns will happen, but you shouldnít have to tinker with it every time you start the engine.
Where is the fun in that? Cars are for driving. We make your classic roadworthy and reliable with complete mechanical restorations.

We supervise everything and we are really, really picky.